Vom Entwurf zum Kleidungsstück

From design to garment

It's a long way from the initial idea for a new item of clothing to your closet. Here we show you the steps involved and which people are involved in the development.
Wie PETIT COCHON unnötigen Müll vermeidet

How PETIT COCHON avoids unnecessary waste

A valuable side effect of our sustainable way of working is that we produce hardly any waste. You can find out how we achieve this here.


Slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion, a concept based on fast, cheap and environmentally harmful production and mass-produced goods. Fast bargains, provocative deals and aggressive...

Baby & Child

Wildlinge - die nachhaltigen Barfußschuhe

Wildlings - the sustainable barefoot shoes

How the barefoot shoes from Wilding found their way onto our feet and where Selina explains why Wildlinge shoes go so well with our favorite things that grow with us.
Bekleidungs-Grundausstattung für dein Neugeborenes

Basic clothing for your newborn baby

There are plenty of tips on baby equipment and the lists are often quite extensive. But do you really need that much? Here are our recommendations for the fashionable basics.
Alles rund um Stoffwindeln

Everything about cloth diapers

Here, Anja shares her varied experiences with cloth diapers, provides clarity and clears up some prejudices.

DIY sewing & craft instructions

Nähanleitung Ballonmütze

Sewing instructions balloon hat

You can make them from an old pair of jeans to match the recycled jeans or from corduroy or another fabric of your choice. What you need our pattern in your size matching yarn Scissors (paper a...
Nähanleitung Recyclingjeans

Sewing instructions for recycled jeans

Conjure up a great pair of children's growing-up trousers from used and discarded adult jeans.
DIY Drachenkostüm nähen

Sew a DIY dragon costume

Do you still need a fancy dress costume for your toddler that makes them feel good? Here you'll find DIY instructions for a dragon costume... What you need PETIT COCHON sweat cuddly suit Wool sc...

Care & repair

Kinderhose flicken mit Textilkleber

Mending children's trousers with textile adhesive

This allows you to repair small holes without using a sewing machine.
Kaschmir waschen

Washing cashmere

Our tips for cleaning cashmere clothing.
Wollwalk waschen

Washing wool

Our tips for cleaning wool clothing.