Frequently asked questions

You can find our answers to your questions about your order here. If you have any other concerns, please write to us at .



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Please write to us at, we will send you the order confirmation or invoice again and check your contact details.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders by e-mail or telephone. You can only order online what is available in our online store.

If the first order is not yet ready for shipping, we will be happy to pack a maximum of 3 orders together. Then select "Add to order instead of shipping" in the checkout. You have to pay shipping for one order, even if you buy for more than 150€ value of goods.

We will only ship all items in your order when all parts are available.

Our sustainable and fairly produced children's clothing is handmade in Berlin and not pre-produced in large quantities for the season. Our favorite items are regularly re-sewn and added to the online store several times a week. Only in individual cases will an item not be sewn and removed from the range. If an item is not available, please sign up for the e-mail notification and you will receive a message as soon as the item is back in stock. This usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Some of our garments for children and women, which are very complex to sew or for which demand is not quite so high, are offered by us for sale, but are only sewn after receipt of payment. We want to avoid overproduction and prevent items in stock from losing quality. We will endeavor to sew and send you the item as quickly as possible.