We give your PETIT COCHON clothes a new home. Send us the items you no longer want to wear and receive a voucher for your next purchase.

This is how the submission works:

Have your items estimated in advance

You can send photos in advance via
mail ( or Whatsapp and we will give you an approximate estimate of the
voucher value.

If you agree,
will send you a return label for your items.

Send the articles to us

As soon as we have received your email, we will send you a DHL label for your free second-hand shipment. Please only send us well-maintained and washed clothing.

Receive a voucher

We will get back to you within 14 working days with the calculated purchase value. If everything suits you, you will receive this value in the form of a PETIT COCHON shopping voucher. Please note: if the purchase value is too low for you, you will have to take back your goods for €4.95 return shipping.