No pinching or pulling - just pure comfort: our long-sleeved bodysuit made of soft organic cotton or stretchy modal-cashmere blend has no buttons but a loop that surrounds your baby's tummy, making changing easier and providing extra warmth. For its innovative loop design, our patented changing bodysuit has not only been awarded theRed Dot Awardand theGerman Innovation Awardexcellent, it also allows it to grow with the child for an extra long time.



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What is the PETIT COCHON loop bodysuit?

The PETIT COCHON long-sleeved wrap bodysuit made from a micromodal-cashmere blend is an absolute must-have in the sustainable baby wardrobe. The breathable, super soft and natural material ensures a sense of well-being in every season. On colder days, you can wear the long-sleeved baby bodysuit as a first layer under a woolen wrap suit - so your baby stays warm and protected. Combined with the cashmere baby knicker, our romper is the perfect spring outfit for toddlers and babies in mild temperatures. And we're not the only fans of the baby bodysuit. The PETIT COCHON loop bodysuit has won the Red Dot Design Award and the German Innovation Awardfor its innovative loop design. See for yourself and discover our fairly produced loop bodysuit in the babies and children category in our store.

Why does a baby need a bodysuit?

A warm, skin-friendly cover that protects against draughts is particularly important in the first few months after birth. When lifting the baby up, a shirt would constantly ride up and expose the sensitive tummy. Bodysuits, on the other hand, hug the body.

What makes the PETIT COCHON Loopbody so special?

The special thing about the PETIT COCHON wrap bodysuit is the loop that encloses your baby's tummy. It makes it easier to put on and take off, provides extra warmth and ensures the comfort that newborns and babies need. There are no annoying, hard buttons. The material, a mix of micromodal and cashmere, is 100% natural and gentle on the skin. The combination of the stretchy fabric and the loop allows the bodysuit to grow with your baby for an extra long time: once purchased, the loop bodysuit will accompany you and your baby faithfully for many years. This is not only practical for you, but also good for our planet. In the Loopbody category, you can be inspired by the most beautiful materials and colors and order the sustainable first garment for your baby directly online.

How do I dress my baby in the loop bodysuit?

Baby clothes for newborns and babies have to be one thing above all: practical. When developing the loop bodysuit, we therefore paid particular attention to ensuring that it is easy and uncomplicated to put on and take off. You'll see that after a few tries, you'll be changing your baby as if they were sleeping and much faster than with button bodysuits. This means less stress for your child and more time for you. The first step is to pull the bodysuit over your baby's head like a top, then put the loop around the tummy and position it so that the bodysuit fits perfectly. This can be at chest or hip height. Just watch our video instructions- here you can see step by step how to put on the bodysuit.

Is the loop bodysuit sustainable?

Only the best is good enough for your baby and we are aware of our great responsibility. Sustainability therefore plays a major role in everything we do. The loop bodysuit is produced fairly and is made from 86% micromodal, 9% wool cashmere and 5% elastane. Micromodal is made from beech wood and is therefore a natural and renewable material. The bodysuit is also sustainable because it grows with the child for many months thanks to the loop and stretchy, durable material. We guarantee high quality and a wearing time of at least one year. We also attach great importance to keeping our baby clothes neutral so that our fair fashion can be worn again later, regardless of the gender of the siblings.

How many bodysuits do I need?

The number of bodysuits depends on your washing habits. If you wash every 3-4 days, we recommend 4-6 bodysuits or one bodysuit a day. Of course, it can happen that the bodysuit gets dirty more quickly due to an overflowing diaper, spitting up or eating. A spare bodysuit is therefore always recommended. Bodysuits with buttons only fit for a few weeks, as babies grow quickly, especially in the first few months. In the two years, you should buy bodysuits in the following sizes: 50,56, 62,68, 74,80, 86,92. If you opt for a bodysuit that grows with your baby, you will only need 2 sizes for the entire "bodysuit period": Size 0M (fits up to approx. 1-1.5 years) and 1 year. This means you are equipped for the entire "changing time" and save a lot of time sorting out.

The advantages of the loop bodysuit at a glance

  • Super soft, cuddly and skin-friendly material
  • Breathable
  • Grows with the child for a long time thanks to the loop and stretchy micromodal-cashmere blend
  • Particularly durable and sustainable
  • Unisex / gender-neutral
  • Sufficient space for a cloth diaper
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Award-winning

Buy loop bodysuits for newborns online at PETIT COCHON

You have the option of ordering the loop bodysuit for your newborn from PETIT COCHON or buying it in store. Every now and then a loop bodysuit ends up in the sale or second-hand department. It's worth taking a look there. Because here you will find sustainable baby clothes in top quality at reasonable prices. If you have any questions for us, just send us a quick email. We will be happy to take care of your request.