Wildlinge - die nachhaltigen Barfußschuhe

Wildlings - the sustainable barefoot shoes

How the barefoot shoes from Wilding found their way onto our feet and where Selina explains why Wildlinge shoes go so well with our favorite things that grow with us.
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How Wilding's barefoot shoes found their way onto our feet:

For one of our photo shoots in nature, we were looking for suitable shoes for our child models that would harmonize with our favourite clothes and be made just as sustainably from natural materials. We came across the company "Wildling" - great barefoot shoes that fit us perfectly. Up to that point, we hadn't even considered barefoot shoes. My son was also at the photo shoot and has only worn Wildling shoes or other barefoot shoes ever since. He is an absolute barefoot runner who takes his shoes off even in winter when it's cold and doesn't want to wear socks even when it's freezing. So the Wildling shoes have been with us for quite a while now.

I was also intrigued by the barefoot shoes and lo and behold, it was the best thing I could do for my back, as my back problems mainly come from my feet. The first few days took a bit of getting used to, especially in the city, you can really feel the hard ground. You feel it most at the beginning on your heels. But your feet quickly get used to it and I specifically chose routes where the ground is a bit more uneven and exciting to run on due to irregularities in the ground to help strengthen your feet. I've tried a lot of barefoot shoes in the meantime, but the Wildlings are the most interesting to wear because of their very thin, almost imperceptible sole, as you can really feel the ground. In summer I prefer to wear the Tanuki or Nebula, on colder days the high shoes made of wool are perfect. The shoes are waterproofed, but on very wet or icy days I switch to barefoot shoes, which are more weatherproof.

What is so special about Wildling shoes?

Wildlings adapt to the natural shape of the foot. From the sole to the upper material, complete consideration is given to the foot. The foot's movements are never disturbed. There is no drop, because all Wilding shoes have a zero heel. The soft, flexible sole is only a few millimetres thick. Just enough to provide a thin layer between the sole of your foot and the ground. In Wildling shoes you can feel - metaphorically speaking - every fiber of nature! I don't know of any other shoes as flexible as Wildling barefoot shoes. Walking in minimal shoes puts more strain on the muscles. Immobile feet are reactivated. In the long term, the feet are strengthened and can move freely and flexibly. The proximity to the ground also leads to better balance and sure-footedness, as the body can adapt optimally to the ground conditions. In this way, a natural gait can be maintained and the joints can move freely and naturally and perform their task unhindered and efficiently.

On a hiking tour with Wildlings?

Last summer we went on a hiking tour through the beautiful French Ardeche with our 3 children and 2 borrowed donkeys. In temperatures of over 30°C, we hiked alone through the countryside and spent the night on farms and in the great outdoors. On my feet and those of my son were TANUKI wild donkeys. Because they are so light and made of airy fabric, they are ideal for wearing in hot temperatures. We enjoyed hiking through the countryside in the Wildlings and it was great fun jumping over the bumpy, stony and root-covered hiking trails. Climbing up a tree or a steep slope with Wildlings? No problem! The thin sole hugs the foot and it can feel its way along the perfect path without slipping.

Why do Wildlinge shoes go very well with our favorite things that grow with your child?

  • unisex and timeless Wildlinge shoes in timeless colors and patterns are unisex and can be worn at any age, which perfectly complements our standards for children's clothing.
  • natural materials Wildlinge shoes are made from pure natural materials such as cotton, hemp, wool, linen and cork. The fabrics used are soft and flexible so that nothing pinches or pinches. Shaping elements such as toe and heel caps are deliberately omitted. This allows the shoe to adapt to the foot - and not the other way around.
  • Natural materials and plant fibers Wherever possible, Wildling shoes focus on sustainability. To this end, natural materials are used to a large extent. Responsibility for nature and health is a top priority here. Natural materials at Wildling, whether Cubs, Wilding or Rewild, include organic cotton, hemp, linen, cork and woolwalk. Wildling also offers vegan shoes, which are made entirely without raw materials of animal origin.

From the idea to the company

Anna and Ran, the founders of Wildlinge barefoot shoes, founded the company Wildlinge as parents of 3 children based on their experiences and a need for sustainable barefoot shoes. To find out more about the barefoot shoes, check out their Wildlinge website.

Written by Selina, founder of PETIT COCHON