Nähanleitung Ballonmütze

Sewing instructions balloon hat

You can make them from an old pair of jeans to match the recycled jeans or from corduroy or another fabric of your choice. What you need our pattern in your size matching yarn Scissors (paper a...
Nähanleitung Recyclingjeans

Sewing instructions for recycled jeans

Conjure up a great pair of children's growing-up trousers from used and discarded adult jeans.
DIY Drachenkostüm nähen

Sew a DIY dragon costume

Do you still need a fancy dress costume for your toddler that makes them feel good? Here you'll find DIY instructions for a dragon costume... What you need PETIT COCHON sweat cuddly suit Wool sc...
Nähanleitung Wimpelkette aus Stoffresten

Sewing instructions for pennant chain made from fabric remnants

Here we show you how you can decorate summer parties, children's rooms, balconies or birthdays with a DYI garland and help reduce textile waste at the same time contribute.
Nähanleitung wiederverwendbare Kosmetikpads

Sewing instructions for reusable cosmetic pads

Small items that we use for daily care produce a lot of waste that can easily be avoided. Because sustainable cosmetic pads are very easy to sew yourself. What you need: Fabric (take a look at t...
Nähanleitung Puppenhose

Sewing instructions for doll pants

Are you a fan of our knickerbockers? Here we show you how to conjure up a partner look for dolls or cuddly toys.
Nähanleitung Kleine Tasche

Sewing instructions Small bag

Our high-quality fabrics are far too good to simply throw away. How about a small DIY bag for all your important finds instead?
Nähanleitung Handschuhe aus Wollwalk

Sewing instructions for woolen gloves

Our high-quality fabrics are far too good to simply throw away. How about a pair of new woolwalk gloves for you and/or your child instead?