Wie nachhaltig ist PETIT COCHON eigentlich?

How sustainable is PETIT COCHON?

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Eco, green, organic, environmentally friendly, ...there are so many attributes that point to a sustainable way of working, but which of them apply to us and why?

Here's a little breakdown:

✓ Favorite things that grow with you
✓ Avoiding waste through upcycling and repair
✓ fair, local production
✓ environmentally friendly materials
✓ plastic-free shipping
✓ climate-friendly, short transportation routes

Children's clothing that grows with you

First and foremost, PETIT COCHON is sustainable because our favorite things grow with us. Our customers know that most of our children's clothes can be worn for years. And because they are so timeless, they never go out of fashion. We also avoid prints or gender-specific cuts so that our clothes can be swapped and passed on between siblings, regardless of whether they are boys, girls or have a gender-neutral upbringing.

Mending instead of throwing away

PETIT COCHON children's clothing is loved and kept for a long time, but it also has a high resale value and can be worn pre-loved. This means that our pieces are mended and repaired instead of being discarded or thrown away. That's how we do it - nothing is thrown away at PETIT COCHON. Returned items go back on sale, small faults are mended, complaints are repaired, 2nd choice products, just like the mended items, go into our second hand sale. We sew small accessories, striped sweaters or gifts for our customers from fabric remnants left over from cutting. Leftovers that we cannot use ourselves are sold in packages or given away.

Local production & fair wages

One of the most important aspects of sustainability is local production. Every item is sewn by hand in Berlin. This type of production is very rare in the fashion industry because it is very cost-intensive. For us, however, environmental protection, fairness and the future of our children are much more important than growth and profit. That's why we keep our profit margins small and our prices affordable for you. As we completely avoid paid advertising and have simplified our cuts to save time and money in production, we can still pay our employees good salaries and create a pleasant working environment. Not only do we ensure fair working conditions and refuse to exploit workers in low-wage countries, we also avoid long, climate-damaging transportation routes. Directly opposite our store in Berlin Tempelhof is our studio, where most of our favorite things are sewn with love. The clothes are therefore not sent across the world before they are sold, but only worn once across the street.

Natural, compostable materials

We only use natural materials that are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are easily compostable and therefore do not harm the environment after use.

Plastic-free shipping

PETIT COCHON ships plastic-free, we do without unnecessary packaging, printouts, advertising etc., we reuse cardboard boxes and all our printed matter is produced in an environmentally friendly way.


In December 2021, we were awarded the German Sustainability Award 2022 in the Design category in recognition of our sustainable work and as a special award for our many years of commitment to ecological, practical and high-quality children's clothing.