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Sewing instructions for recycled jeans

Conjure up a great pair of children's growing-up trousers from used and discarded adult jeans.
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Turn old into new - sew your child a great pair of growing-up pants from a pair of discarded adult jeans!

What you need

  • an old pair of adult jeans
  • the pattern in the right size
  • fabric scissors
  • Yarn (preferably to match the jeans)
  • cuff fabric
  • pocket fabric (cotton fabric)
  • sewing machine
  • pins

Sewing instructions

1 First, print out the pattern, cut it out and glue it together.

2. cut the trouser leg off the jeans just below the back pocket and then cut open the side seam.

Place the pattern on the fabric and cut to size. You have two options for cutting the jeans:

Either you use the inside leg seam of the jeans and place both pattern pieces (front and back trousers) on the existing seam

or: you can place the pattern individually on the fabric and cut it out.

3. first sew the pocket bag together with the pocket mirror, but only at the bottom edge of the bag.

4. then sew the pocket bag to the pocket opening, taking care to sew the right pocket to the right counterpart .The pocket is turned inside out. This means that you place the pocket and the front trousers right sides together. (i.e. the right side of the fabric on the right side of the fabric).

Then topstitch to the width of the topstitching foot (approx. 0.5) and turn inside out. The seam must then be on the inside. Finally, topstitch once from the outside along the pocket opening, again stitching foot wide.

5 If you have not used the existing inside leg seam of the trousers and have cut the front and back separately, now is the time to sew both parts together at the inside leg seam.

Again, lay both trouser parts right sides together and sew approx. 0.8 cm from the edge.

If you want to make sure that the trousers are particularly stable and durable, you can also sew the edge of the seam together with a zigzag stitch. It is only important that the zigzag stitch does not extend over the topstitch. So always sew along the edge.

6 Next, close the side seam (SN). The process is the same as for the inside leg seam. Stitch together approx. 0.8 cm from the edge. Finish the edge with a zigzag stitch if necessary.

! The pocket bag is also caught in the seam and must lie smoothly and neatly!

7 You can now see the individual trouser legs very clearly. Next, close the crotch seam and the seat seam. If you want to finish the edges, you should do this before you close the seam, i.e. finish each side once with a zigzag stitch. This seam will sit much more comfortably if it is ironed open at the end.

Then, as always, place the right sides together and close the seam. Make sure that the two inside leg seams (in the middle of the seam) are exactly on top of each other.

8. Now all that's left to do is the cuffs and perhaps a final pressing, then the trousers are finished.

The easiest way is to turn the trousers right side out, i.e. right side in. The waistband is attached to the waistband, making sure that the waistband is pulled when sewing. It is best to pin it once at the center front and center back and at both side seams. This makes it easier to distribute the cuffs evenly.

The same applies to the leg cuffs: place jeans and cuffs right sides together. This means that the cuffs are folded down over the trousers. The stitch is also a simple backstitch, approx. 0.8 cm from the edge and it is also worth finishing with a zigzag stitch here. Do the same with the two leg cuffs. Place right sides together over the trouser leg and then sew all the way around while stretched.

9. as a final step, cut off all excess threads, perhaps iron again and your recycled jeans are finished.