Vom Entwurf zum Kleidungsstück

From design to garment

It's a long way from the initial idea for a new item of clothing to your closet. Here we show you the steps involved and which people are involved in the development.
How PETIT COCHON avoids unnecessary waste Reading From design to garment 3 minutes

Every favorite piece from our collection has to go through many processes before it arrives at your home. We put a lot of heart and soul into each garment and the development of the patterns to make it perfect. Our very first garments were the knickerbockers, the bib and brace trousers, the Michel cap, the gnome jacket and the woolen and cuddly suit. These are our classics.

From design to pattern

First comes the design of our favorite pieces and the creation of the patterns. It is particularly important to us that our children's clothing is optimally adapted to the growth of the child so that all favorite pieces can be worn for as long as possible and are comfortable in the long term. The patterns are developed by us and used for years and improved or adapted if necessary. Once a pattern has been completed, samples are sewn in order to find the optimum finish in combination with the right fabric.

Color selection

Our fabrics are dyed according to our specifications in Germany, we are inspired by soft colors from nature. The harmony of the fabric colors is particularly important to us so that all garments can be combined well.

Article and wear photos

As soon as we receive new fabric colors, samples are sewn and article photos and soon also wear photos are taken, which we then incorporate into the store.

A garment is sewn

Our garments are sewn in our sewing studio in Berlin opposite our showroom and in 3 other freelance sewing studios in Berlin. In the first step, the garments are cut using the patterns with electric scissors or fabric scissors.

All cut parts are sewn together. It is very important to us that our children's clothing, which grows with the child, can withstand any movement, which is why we primarily sew with securing seams.

Quality control

In order to produce the best possible garment and avoid unnecessary complaints and the associated returns, we check all garments before they are sold. Unfortunately, unforeseeable or undetected faults can still occur, in which case we will of course repair the garment.


All garments are shipped directly from the sewing studios to our showroom in Berlin, where our warehouse is located. This is also where the orders are packed. Before the order goes out to you, it is checked again and packed with love.