Nähanleitung Kleine Tasche

Sewing instructions Small bag

Our high-quality fabrics are far too good to simply throw away. How about a small DIY bag for all your important finds instead?

Would you like to sew something small and practical, perhaps with your child? Then a small bag is just the thing.

What you need

  • Scraps of fabric, for example corduroy, wool or muslin
  • pattern
  • buttons
  • a sewing machine
  • fabric and paper scissors
  • a sewing needle
  • thread

Sewing instructions

1. cut out the pattern from the paper
2. lay the right sides of the fabric (the sides that should be on the outside at the end) on top of each other.

3. transfer the pattern and the markings (also called notches, these are the small incisions on the edge) onto the fabric.

4. sew the bottom edge of the bag from the two outer sides to the markings (notches) on the pattern, leaving an approx. 5 cm hole in the middle. The seam should be 1 cm from the edge. The seam allowance for the entire bag is 1 cm.

5. press the seam apart so that it lies well and neatly at the end and does not crease.

6a. Now comes the tricky part: folding it correctly. The snips help with orientation. Lay the bottom edge from the cord to the top snap.

6b. Then place the upper edge of the lining (i.e. the stiffened fabric) on the upper edge of the cord so that the layers of fabric form a "W" when viewed from the side.

7. cut an approx. 7 cm long piece from the ribbon and place it in a loop.

8. place the loop between the two layers of fabric, centered at the top edge.

9. now sew the bag together. Again with a seam allowance of 1 cm. Leave the bottom edge of the bag open.

10. so that there is not too much fabric in the bag when turning, trim the excess corners. It is important not to cut too close to the seam, otherwise it will burst open again. The 1 cm seam allowance can remain on the straight sides of the bag.

11. reach through the hole from step 1 and carefully turn the bag.

12a. You can now topstitch the flap and the opening of the pocket again to close the turning hole.

12b. It is best to start in one of the corners and stitch close to the edge or stitching foot wide (0.5 cm) once completely around the top edge of the pocket.

13. turn the pocket inside out and lay the corners neatly flat. Measure 2 cm from the corner and mark this line.

14. sew once over the corner and repeat on the other corner.

15 Turn the bag one last time and you are almost finished.

16. just position the button and sew it on.

17 Finished! Now you can fill the bag with anything you like.