DIY Drachenkostüm nähen

Sew a DIY dragon costume

Do you still need a fancy dress costume for your toddler that makes them feel good? Here you'll find DIY instructions for a dragon costume...

What you need

  • PETIT COCHON sweat cuddly suit
  • Wool scraps
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric and paper scissors
  • yarn
You don't have a sewing machine? No problem. You can also use fabric glue to glue the prongs together and a stapler to attach the prongs to the ribbon.

Sewing instructions

1. make a template out of paper and cut out the prongs in different colors. They should be approx. 10 cm high.

2. the spikes must always be cut out twice so that 2 pieces can always be sewn together later and the spikes are stable enough to stand up.

3. cut out one tail twice.

4. place the spikes on the cuddly suit to see how many you need.

5. pin the spikes (only 1 at a time, put the twin aside for now) to a bias tape or cotton ribbon using pins. It should be at least 1.2 cm wide, the wider the easier. Leave 2-3 cm space at the beginning of the ribbon. The ribbon goes from the beginning of the hood to the beginning of the tail.

7. now pin the second row of spikes to the other side of the ribbon.

8. now sew again: sew the other row of spikes in place and then place the spikes on top of each other and sew them together.

9. now sew the tail together and sew the spikes into the upper side.

10. if you only want the costume to be temporary, you can always attach the ribbon between the spikes with safety pins. If you want a permanent solution, simply sew the ribbon on, either by hand in a few places or with the sewing machine.

You've done it. Your DIY dragon costume is ready!