Nähanleitung Handschuhe aus Wollwalk

Sewing instructions for woolen gloves

Our high-quality fabrics are far too good to simply throw away. How about a pair of new woolwalk gloves for you and/or your child instead?
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The pattern is suitable for children's and adult hands.

What you need

  • Fabric - fabric remnant packs are available in our store
  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric and paper scissors
  • yarn

Sewing instructions

1. draw a hand outline on a piece of paper.

2. cut out the pattern from the paper.

3. transfer the pattern to the outer fabric (wool) and the lining (jersey) and cut out. Now you have four cuts of wool and four of jersey.

4. next, we turn our attention to cutting out the cuffs. Of course, this pattern piece is also cut out. When cutting, it is important that you lay the cut in the direction of the grain (the direction of the grooves for the cuffs).

5 Then cut out here too. You now have two cuffs. You are about to sew!

6. then cut here too. You now have two cuffs. Sewing is about to start!

7. sewing at last! Place the two wool blanks on top of each other and sew them together. Leave the bottom edge open. Repeat this with the other wool blanks and the jersey blanks.

8. fold the cuffs widthwise and sew them closed on the open long side. This creates a tube. It is best to use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine for this.

9 Next, cut to just before the seam in the bend between your thumb and index finger.

10. now turn the woolen glove and also turn the cuff in half.

11. it is easiest if you now put on the jersey glove and then the wool glove over it. The last step is to pull the cuff over it, as shown in the illustration. Make sure that the open side of the cuff is at the bottom, i.e. on the edge with the other edges of the gloves.

12 When all the raw edges are neatly overlapped, sew these four layers of fabric together.

13. fold the cuff down once more and your glove is finished.

And now have fun with the snowball fight!