Bekleidungs-Grundausstattung für dein Neugeborenes

Basic clothing for your newborn baby

There are plenty of tips on baby equipment and the lists are often quite extensive. But do you really need that much? Here are our recommendations for the fashionable basics.
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What do you need for a baby in the first year?

When it comes to baby's first equipment, many parents are overwhelmed by the flood of information. What size? What shape? How many items? In this article, we - as mothers of several children - have summarized what we think is important when buying baby clothes.

Less is more

Only buy the essentials for the first few weeks after the birth. Over time, you will notice which clothes your child feels most comfortable in. You too will quickly get a feel for your favorites and find the items that suit your newborn and you. Perhaps not only because they look particularly cute, but also because they are easy to clean or don't restrict your baby.


When buying clothes, also make sure that the items are easy to put on and take off. A diaper can sometimes overflow, especially in the first few months. It is therefore practical if changing clothes is quick and easy. Avoid frills and choose pants with an elastic waistband and bodysuits made of soft, stretchy material that are cozy and comfortable. Tip: the onion look has proven its worth, especially in winter. This means you don't necessarily need lots of thick sweaters. It's better to dress your child in several thinner layers to keep their body warm and cozy.

Good quality

High-quality and natural materials not only contain fewer chemicals, but usually also last longer. This not only protects baby's sensitive skin, but also allows any siblings to wear your favorite items. Otherwise, you can simply sell the items on. Tip: to remove any chemicals in the material, you should wash all new baby clothes before wearing them for the first time. Second-hand clothing has the advantage that the items have already been through several washes and are therefore less harmful.

Clothes that grow with your baby

Fits that grow with the child are a blessing, especially for children's clothes. Little ones grow so quickly that it is usually not even possible to wear all the items in the wardrobe. Cuffs and a wider fit save you from having to buy clothes in every size. The PETIT COCHON size 0M corresponds to sizes 50-62, so you can be sure that the clothes will fit no matter how much baby fat and what body shape your newborn will have. Tip: All of our sustainable and cute newborn outfits are also perfect as birth gifts or baby shower presents.