Waschtipps für unseren Kaschmir-Mix

Washing tips for our cashmere mix

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Our cashmere blend (86% micromodal | 9% wool cashmere | 5% elastane) is very light and fits naturally against the skin. The blend of micromodal and cashmere ensures ideal wearing properties, as the fiber is gentle on the skin, breathable and has temperature-regulating properties. The fabric absorbs moisture well and wicks it away quickly. Care is very similar to wool care with a few subtle differences.

Think carefully about whether your garment is really dirty or just worn

The cashmere content in the cashmere blend has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties. If the garment is not soiled, it should only be hung up in the fresh air.

Removing stains

If you have stains from diaper accidents, food or similar on your garment, you can easily pre-wash them with a wool grease soap before the actual wash cycle. Carefully rub the soap with water and soap the stain with your hands. You will be surprised how easily the dirt (even if it has already dried) is removed from the fabric by the soap and water mixture. The dirt does not have to be rubbed out completely, as the fabric should be treated very carefully. It is important that the soiling dissolves during the wash cycle with the soap. Do not leave the garment in the water, but wash it immediately afterwards.

Prefer a wool wash cycle in the washing machine

In contrast to wool, cashmere should be washed in the washing machine on the wool cycle rather than by hand. The wash cycle gently shakes the wool without matting it. However, the settings are important here. The temperature should be cold to a maximum of 30° degrees and the spin speed should not exceed 600 revolutions per minute. Be sure to choose a moisturizing wool detergent or cashmere detergent to preserve the cashmere's natural protective layer. The machine should only be half full.

Hang up to dry

Due to the high proportion of micromodal in the cashmere mix, the fabric is very light and dries very quickly when hung on a hanger. The shape does not warp. If you don't have a hanger to hand, you can also hang your garment on the washing line. Avoid clothespins as they could damage the delicate fabric.

Short and sweet

√ Only wash when soiled

√ Remove stains with wool grease soap

√ Do not rub vigorously

√ Wash on the wool wash cycle

√ Use a moisturizing wool detergent

√ Fill the machine only half full

√ Hang to dry super fast