Mitwachsende Kinderkleidung

Children's clothing that grows with your child

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For us, a sustainable and fair fashion system also means that our clothing should accompany you and your child for as long as possible. That's why all our styles are designed to fit for up to three years and don't have to be discarded after one season.

What are the advantages of children's clothing that grows with your child?

Everyone who has children knows the problem: you constantly have to sort out, buy new clothes, try them on and rearrange them. Most children's clothes simply fit far too short. Some even become uncomfortable after a short time. Or are mass-produced under unpleasant conditions. Or they damage children's skin and/or our environment.

As mothers, this also annoyed us, so we really wanted children's clothing that grows with our children, is comfortable but is also produced fairly and sustainably. Clothes that are environmentally friendly and natural, yet beautiful and timeless, and of course that the children can wear themselves. As these are quite a lot of criteria, we quickly invented them ourselves.

PETIT COCHON favorites grow with your child for up to three years, which has the following advantages:

√ there is no need to constantly sort out clothes, especially with several children

√ clothes fit for a long time and can be passed on directly to a sibling if necessary

√ PETIT COCHON fashion is very cozy and comfortable for children to wear thanks to the cuffs and the comfortable fit

√ the little ones can also dress themselves more easily, as most of our grown-up items do not have difficult fastenings

√ there is even enough room for cloth diapers thanks to the generous cuts

√ saves money because you don't have to buy more so often

√ of course it is much more sustainable because you simply need less

How and for how long does PETIT COCHON children's clothing grow with you?

Clever cuts that are designed exactly according to the starting and final size, long carded cuffs and wide waistbands make our favorite pieces loyal companions.

Zeichnung einer Knickerbocker Hose, dunkle Linien, keine Farben


Let's take our classic knickerbockers. The leg and waist cuffs can be rolled up at the beginning or the trouser fabric can simply be pushed up. The oversized cut offers enough room to grow between the waist and crotch and for cute, chubby diaper bottoms. The pants end up sitting like a real knickerbocker, with rolled-up cuffs and the trouser leg reaching just above the knee. Fits slim and sturdy, small and large children because the cuffs are elastic and adapt to the child's figure without pinching.

Our pants fit for 2-3 years.

Zeichnung mit dunklen Linien, keine Farbe, Wichteljacke mit Kapuze

Jackets & tops

Our gnome jackets, turtlenecks and sweaters have elasticated, long carded cuffs and can simply be rolled up at the beginning. As your little one gets bigger, simply leave the cuffs long. The tops are cut wide and leave room for one or more warm layers underneath. In the beginning, the jackets and sweaters should reach well above the hips, but when the final size is reached, they will sit at hip height and will still be long enough.

Zeichnung, Anzug mit Kapuze und Knöpfen für Kinder


Whether it's a woolen or cozy suit, the arm and leg cuffs of all our suits can be rolled up. The suits are cut generously in width and torso length (measurement between shoulder and crotch), so there is room to grow several sizes. The arm and leg cuffs prevent the fabric from slipping, especially at the beginning, and disturbing a growing child.

Zeichnung PETIT COCHON Loopbody, dunkle Linien, nicht ausgemalt


Thanks to the elasticated loop that surrounds your baby's tummy and can be adjusted in height, our loop bodysuit grows with your baby for a particularly long time. The soft, stretchy material gives the upper body room to grow and leaves space for a cloth diaper. The bar between the legs is automatically adjusted by the position of the loop. The carded cuffs on the arms can be folded over at the beginning and unfolded when the baby has reached the final size.

Our loop bodysuit fits for 2 years.

Zeichnung, Schirmmütze, dunkle Linien, nicht ausgemalt

Santa hat

Our Michel hat is a perfect example of a hat that grows with your baby: it fits a little puffier at the beginning but doesn't slip thanks to the elasticated cuffs. After a few seasons, it sits more firmly on the head.

Our Michel hats fit up to 2 years.

Shirts & mini overalls

Our shirts and overalls have a loose cut. At the beginning the length of the sleeves is just right, then they grow into 3/4 sleeves. The length of the shirts starts approx. 5 cm below the hips and ends directly on them.


At the beginning you can wear our blouse as a dress, later as a blouse. The length of the top sits at thigh or knee height at first, then later on the hips. The sleeve length grows from long to 3/4 sleeves.

Our blouse fits for 3 years.