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Sew on children's trousers patches

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If you prefer to glue your patches, take a look at our article Patching trousers with textile glue.

What you need:

  • a sewing machine
  • Seam ripper or small scissors
  • thread
  • Large fabric scissors
  • Fabric patches - you can find fabric patch boxes of our fabrics here in the store
  • pins
  • a tape measure

Sewing instructions:

In the first step, turn the trousers inside out and open the side seam at the height of the hole. How wide is up to you. The wider you open it, the easier it will be to sew in the next step.

Cut the patch you want to use to repair the trousers. It is important that it is wider than the trouser leg. The height of the patch is up to you.

Now turn the trousers right side out and place the patch so that it is as straight and centered as possible on the trouser leg.

Now it's time to sew. A zigzag stitch is best. Make sure that the edge of the patch is bordered by the zigzag stitch.

The trousers should now look something like this.

Turn the trousers inside out one last time. Now close the side seam and inside leg seam with a zigzag stitch and trim the excess patch. The last step is to turn the trousers right side out and you're done. Congratulations, your favorite item has been repaired!

For the creative types: different patch shapes

Start in a similar way to the example above. First you need to open up the side seam, a whole piece if you like. Again, the more you open up the seam, the easier it will be to place the patch and stitch it on. Now cut out your desired patch shape.

Tip: If you want to have two identical patch shapes on both knees, lay the patch fabric twice and cut out the shape. This will ensure that they are exactly the same size.

Then place the patch where you want it on the right side of the fabric and topstitch it in place, preferably using a zigzag stitch.

The last step is to turn the trousers inside out again and close the side seam. A zigzag stitch is also best for this.

Turn right side out one last time and your trousers are finished.